"A Profound Solar Eclipse"

I enjoyed reading this blog post by some very wise souls at Yoga Shaala (Northern California) about the spiritual significance of the Solar Eclipse. Hope you guys like it too!

A profound Solar Eclipse

It’s the greatest show on Earth happening now!
Approximately 200 million in America can witness

This is your time, Lightworker!
Be present & gift the future with your Love

Maybe you have a deep KNOWING that you’re here for a specific reason…
Maybe you feel a strong pull to assist in the awakening of the planet and humanity…

Solar Eclipse will give you the option to:

  • Detach from your old resistance, patterns, and even paths that have caused disharmony for you.
  • Reboot your energy system with new energy so you can start down a new, enhanced path.

You MUST raise your vibration enough to receive and anchor that energy.

...So Do This…

What came to me during Meditation

  • Clean up your home/office of stuff you don’t need any more. Also cleanup your puja area. You will radiate the energy of letting go of the old in your life.
  • Light food, or only water, around & during Eclipse.
  • As much as it is fun to see the eclipse physically, it is more important to see it & tune in internally. So meditate previous evening & next morning, and during.

Simply focus on integrating information for the next phase of your life-journey with harmony, abundance, ease and grace. When more of us focus on possibilities and inner/global harmony, we can have a stronger influence on the collective consciousness.

In with the New, Out with the Old

Eclipses offer us a reset of energy. They are potent focusers of two powerful energies for us, the sun and the moon. The two opposites that lead us through day and night such that we connect with the outer and the inner, honoring the full breadth of the dual engine of life as we create. Eclipses occur in pairs of opposite signs. The lunar eclipse on August 7 is in Aquarius. The solar eclipse on August 21 is in Leo. August is a powerful time each year as the Leo energy blazes us into a fiery new phase. I hope you all have a Leo you love in your life—they are magical, just like other signs.

The eclipse bisects the USA in a diagonal line, cutting it in two. Separation is the physical realm. It’s a fact of experiencing this reality, though only part of the story. Separation serves evolution as it gives a new perspective. From a new perspective, you have the option of a new choice. We would start seeing more polarization between people. It’s not brand new, but I’d say we’re seeing more of it.  Sometimes things have to get really obvious and uncomfortable for people to change.

When you pay attention to the subtle clues of life, you don’t always need to learn through obvious extremes! Isn't that nice to know ?

The eclipse enters the US landmass in Oregon, a state that is currently rather progressive. It exits through South Carolina which has a history of slavery- “in with the new, out with the old.” Remember, these are generalizations, which can show you a pattern, but it doesn’t just completely apply. It is not to say that Oregon has a perfect history, or the people currently in SC fully reflect that history. Take the overall generalization (or leave it), but extract only what is relevant. This is your personal experience which causes a shift for you, and through you to the Universe.

"In with the new, out with the old." Build the future, learn from the past. Lightworker, what kind of future do you want to see for humanity? All Life being honored equally? Don’t worry about the how or when, focus on the manifestation! The how and when as it applies to you will surface in your heart and mind and inspire you into creation.

Do you see a huge clue? ‘In’ with the new first. Hasn’t this been what we’ve been working on as we learn to use our thoughts and emotions positively? Yes, of course sometimes it’s out with the old first in the physical world. But even that begins with a desire. We recognize our desire for peace, love and abundant flow for All Life, then readjust to create that—getting rid of beliefs, habits and physical things that hold us back from that.